Monday, July 16, 2018  IST

About NSB



Power Management Institute (PMI) has played a key role in preparing our employees to face the challenges they encounter in their existing and future roles. PMI's primary responsibility is to equip our employees with the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude, which now needs to be further strengthened as we face challenges which are increasingly complex and varied.

PMI is the source of wisdom, knowledge and understanding not only for NTPC, but for the power & energy sector in the country and abroad. Participants from organizations in the power & energy sector from India and abroad are always welcome. PMI serves as a 'learning laboratory' and the focus is on understanding key sectoral and global issues that impact the functioning of our company, sector and economy. 

The PGDM (Executive) program of NTPC SCHOOL OF BUSINESS is aimed at enhancing the capabilities and competencies amongst managers and executives working at different levels in power sector. I hope the participants shall be able to leverage the unique positioning of this institute, vested within the best Indian power utility, to develop themselves as world class business leaders in Power sector.

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